Saturday, 21 April 2007

a little rant

Why are there so many more immortals on our roads these days? Why have they all suddenly got cars to go whizzing about in?

As a regular commuter (by car) I am amazed at all the clever stunts that these gods can get up to - speeding down the inside lanes of roads, under-taking other cars, with complete reckless abandon for their well-being. Even those with little immortals strapped in the back of the car seem to be able to do it.

As a mere mortal, I have to be constantly aware of the dangers of driving: never getting too close to the car in front, lest it should suddenly stop; not taking one (or sometimes two) hands off the wheel to fiddle with my hair or do my make-up or use my phone; never weaving in and out of cars, in the hope that I will arrive at my destination 1.2 seconds sooner than I might have done by the stupidness of driving safely. But obviously if you are an immortal, none of this matters.

Time was when immortals kept off our roads - preferring to float about on clouds, or sit on the top of Mount Olympus sipping nectar. I wonder what happened? It certainly makes the daily drive more interesting, if a little more scary - but that is a small price to pay for the company of immortals.

Unless of course, these are not immortals but are actually extremely stupid ....... But no, that would be silly!

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Lady Bracknell said...

It comes as something of a relief to Lady Bracknell to learn that Mr Chuckles applies his make up before driving off to the Big Top.